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September 23, 2021

Al-Rahmah Medical Launches Its New Visual Identity

Al-Rahmah Medical Charitable Society launched its new identity, which includes the logo and colors that represent the visual identity of the Society, and a wide range of different applications for the logo and colors.

Dr. Shaher Al-Shehri, Head of the Board of Directors, said “This launch coincided with the celebrations of the ninety-first Saudi National Day, as the new identity reflects the Society’s contemporary orientation in social development work and its keeping pace with the aspirations of the civil organizations to effectively contribute towards achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030 within the theme (A Vibrant Society).”

Regarding the new identity’s inspiration, Dr. Al-Shehri mentioned that “The new logo was designed by abstracting the letter R in Arabic from the Society’s name, and using medical elements that reflect the Society’s field of specialization, embodying the medical bed and the arm through which the patient receives treatment, and expressing the charitable dimension represented by the hand extended by benefactors to help patients in need. The logo also expresses the Society’s values ​​of initiative, giving and creativity, while the identity colors were chosen to reflect the Society’s characteristics as an entity that is social, healthy, reliable, and helpful for the needy.


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